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Online sales, pros and cons.


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Most recently, we went to the store for books, and in order to spend a good evening with loved ones, we took VHSs or DVDs s in video rental. Now we shop on Amazon and watch movies on Netflix. Progress has inevitably led to this. The evolution of the drugs trade is also inevitable and despite a number of problems that the Western market has experienced, it will still develop. Yes, there were difficulties in the markets. There were sites that made exit scams. There were sites that were closed by the police and users got problems, as in the case of Hansa when in July 2017 it was closed by Europol and they had buyers' data. Not useless passwords and logins, but home addresses to whichbuyers accepted purchases, which is dangerous and not pleasant.
But these problems have a solution. So that the owners of the site do not disappear with the money, you do not need to store them there. Purchases must be made from your wallet i.e. without deposit. In this case, exit scam is not possible, and the site acts only as a guarantor, and not a bank. In case of hacking of the site by the police, home addresses did not fall into their hands, you need to switch to another scheme for transferring the goods, not by mail, but by dead drops, information about which is automatically erased after the completion of the deal. This method is actively used in the countries of the former USSR and has proven its reliability over time.
At the moment, there is no site with such features and functions, but as far as I know, development is already underway and soon something similar should appear. Since online trading has several undeniable advantages over the old model of cartel organization.

A cartel is a huge number of people, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people with their armies. For example, the Sinaloa cartel consisted of 30,000 people.

A cartel is a huge number of people, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people with their armies. For example, the Sinaloa cartel consisted of 30,000 people.
All these are chains of personal connections, which means that it is impossible to maintain anonymity.And if we are talking about really big money received from the drug trade, we cannot do without blood and cruelty, and both to our own and to others, since an integral part of the organization is strict discipline, merciless terror against apostates, traitors, competitors and enemies. Pablo Escobar waged open war with the government for nine years. Dozens of people were killed every day, and in November 1989, a cartel blew up a plane in mid-air on board which, presumably, was supposed to fly the future president César Gaviria Trujillo. All passengers were killed, 110 people, Trujillo was not on board. A lot of blood for money, sometimes meaningless blood.
It is worth noting that not everyone is able to become the leader of such an organization, moreover, there are only a few such people. In addition to the fact that you need a specific temperament, you need to be prepared for the fact that you or your family members will be killed, tortured extremely cruelly or imprisoned. Some of this will happen for sure, it's only a matter of time. It will also not be possible to get out of such a business, even if the realization comes that the risk is no longer justified and there is plenty of money. The result will be the same.

Drawing conclusions from all of the above, it is necessary to consider the advantages of online trading before the classic model.
In this case, you do not need to be Escobar, anyone can build an empire, absolutely anyone. Without leaving home and without leaving the comfort zone. It is enough to observe elementary safety rules, and most importantly, keep your mouth shut. It is worth noting that in this case, it is possible to maintain your anonymity, which means that you can get out of business at will and without a shootout with former partners.

You can recruit staff without personal contacts, anywhere in the world. It becomes possible to build your empire with colossal revenues, within the framework of the planet, having only a computer. There is no need to be nearby and even more so to touch the goods. That is, you can live a normal life, without much risk of losing your freedom or losing your life.


Summing up, I want to say that online drug trade will inevitably supplant the classical model. The only question is who will be the first to build their global empire and break the biggest jackpot.
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