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Recent content by diogenes

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    Vacuum desiccators

    Which lab supply company do you recommend as the best price/value ratio? thank you for any advice.
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    Mephedrone synthesis (video 19:43)

    Hi, can someone please share a reliable supplier of 2-bromo-4-Methylpropiophenone or 4-methylpropiophenone in Europe please? PM ime if no ads in the forum here is allowed. Any advice on which one is safer (less watched) to obtain would also be appreciated. I can`t wait to try the synthesis in...
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    The simplest Methamphetamine synthesis from Amphetamine

    Hi Patton, what do you do with the solvent (petroleum ether) after extracting the free base? Do you evaporate it until it is very small amount and then add EtOH? Can IPA be used as well? (Just because EtOH can be difficult to dry - or is dryness not a requirement at that stage?) When the...
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    Ephedrine extraction from pills methods

    There is link above to an Erowid page where a water free extraction is described which can be used when a medication contains PEG. It recommends to start with a non-polar solvent such as Xylene or Toluene and soak the powder for at least 6 hours (for PEG), I guess in this time the PEG dissolves...
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    Ephedrine extraction from pills methods

    Hi, I have found an over the counter product containing Pseudo + Ibuprofen in a gel capsule. First it seemed easy to extract as the substances are already in solution, Ibuprofen is only soluble in water when basis, so the opposite of pseudo. When I looked at the detailed ingredients, however, it...
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    Methamphetamine from ephedrine tablets

    Hi, is there anyone who knows the answer to the previous question? I have been thinking of the same thing, as I2 is readily available, so not clear what the advantage of using HI is. Is the yield better?
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    Aluminium amalgam (Al/Hg) summary

    In my experience it is best to start the reaction when the amalgamation is started. Wait for a `sizzling` sound of the amalgam (Al + HgCl2 + water) and for all the Al coming to the top and small bubbles appearing. When all 3 signs are together 1.sizzling sound 2. Al coming to the surface...
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    Synthesis of amphetamine from P2NP via Al/Hg (video)

    Mr Patton, if you hear this, please tell us whether a Raman could identify Mercury nitrate from the end product?
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    Synthesis of amphetamine from P2NP via Al/Hg (video)

    Because the risk of poisoning is way higher during the synthesis when handling toxic mercury salts than when consuming the final product. Aluminium amalgam is very reactive and is already changed into mercury at the end of the synthesis. Elemental mercury is not too toxic when ingested orally...
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    Synthesis and extraction of d-amphetamine (Nabenhower, 1942)

    Hi Patton, when you used 6g of the Amphetamine sulphate in the above extraction and then added half of the amount of D-Tartaric acid (in terms of mol). I think 3.3g is too much because when calculating the molar amount the freebase needs to be taken into account. 6g of Amphetamine sulphate is...
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    Amphetamine purification by acid-base extraction

    Sulphate contains more amphetamine by weight than phosphate, because the phosphate molecule is larger (bigger proportion of the amphetamine salt). So if you take equal amounts say 100mg of each then the Sulphate should be stronger. Some people also say that Sulphate absorbs/kicks in faster on...
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    Amphetamine purification by acid-base extraction

    Hi Patton, in section 10, the text says to add acetone in half the volume, however, looking at the next picture the volume is much larger, about 4 times as much as before? How much Acetone are we supposed to add?
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    Synthesis of amphetamine from P2NP via Al/Hg (video)

    Mercury nitrate is soluble in Acetone, so an acetone wash at the end should eliminate the rest. It is also insoluble in alcohols so there should not be much in the final product anyway.
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    The simplest Methamphetamine synthesis from Amphetamine

    Also is it stereosopecific? Is D-methamphetamine obtained if starting from D-amphetamine?